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If you've been following me on Twitter or Instagram (@anniemakeup for both) you may know I was holidaying in Thailand for most of January, and now I'm back to reality in freezing cold London missing the Thai sun! As a makeup artist I have a massive amount of products to choose from so I thought I would share with you the select items I chose to take with me that are great for a sun holiday, and also great for saving room when travelling (I like to travel as light as possible, more room to shop!)

My holiday toiletry and makeup products

Brilliant products for hair and body in one, the perfect space saver!
If you have sensitive skin this is the range for you. No matter what sun cream I use I tan black feet, brown knees, red stomach, burnt chest and white face.. I never tan the same colour all over and I always get rashes, even from sensitive sun creams. If you're a regular blog follower you'll know I rave about La Roche Posay skincare and their sun care is no different, it's the best I've ever used. Also their Spring Water spray is ideal for cooling down and refreshing yourself on the plane, travelling in hot cars, walking about and laying on the beach, basically a must for travelling.
Don't be afraid that it's an oil it's the perfect face moisturiser, particularly in a hot country. It's very clever how it regulates how much oil you produce so no matter how hot you get you won't get shiny as it provides as much moisture as you need. It's a fantastic moisturiser, it's only a small bottle and it last ages, like 3 months ages.
I used this every couple of days to rehydrate my skin from the sun and I also used it on my long haul flights. It goes on clear (no odd looks from other passengers) and you don't need to wipe it off (love that) so apply it when you get on the plane and you wont arrive looking like a prune.
A mix of oils that combat anti ageing, dehydration and smells incredible, this is my favourite nightly product.
This feels so good on and it's really cooling. It comes in 2 shades to it so it's good to use on a bare face & you won't look too scary after a 14 hour flight.
Skin soother that fixes everything; dry patches, burns, lips, heels, nails..it's not called Superbalm for nothing.

I hardly took any makeup with as I rarely use any on holiday when I have a tan. This was all I took and it was the perfect mix of products for me.
A good base that stops shine and smooths fine lines and wrinkles, a dream product for the over 30s!
Evens out skin tone around the nose and gives a lovely glow
Moisturises lips with a soft glossy colour (comes in 8 shades), so great and easy to use.
Possibly the easiest liner in the world! I'm obsessed with this liner, it goes on so easy, the perfect width, doesn't transfer onto lid or smudge. It comes with a little smudger on the other end to soften the edges and it's pretty much the perfect product and all you need for eyes, especially on holiday.
I cant leave the house without an eyebrow pencil, even on holiday!

Do let me know if there are any perfect products you don't go on holiday without?

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