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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for March 24, 2014 - Monday

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for March 24, 2014

New discoveries that capture your imagination could find you spending most of your day sequestered in your home and learning as much as you can. All indications are that you aren't going to want to do much else, Sagittarius, but it's important to remember to take breaks and get a little exercise throughout the day. Moving the body and shaking out the kinks in your muscles can get your mind going as well.


One piece of information that you come across could have a profound effect on your love life. The current celestial atmosphere indicates that you may have the wrong end of the stick concerning your attitude toward your partner (current or prospective), and totally misjudged them as a result. Today's aspect offers the chance to put this right, and to perhaps apologize for your mistake, which may have upset your love interest. Listen to your heart!

Single's Love - They say practice makes perfect, and when it's this fun, you don't mind the ride! Talk to new people for no good reason -- learn all about them and let your individual qualities sparkle.

Couple's Love - See if you can find a way to share your good energy with Sweetie -- it won't be too hard. Start by telling them how happy you are, and see where that takes you. Life is nearly perfect!


Lecturing your salon on the perks they should be offering their clients or telling your gym's manager how things could be improved won't get you far these days. Give your business to places that already have it right.


Someone with a great deal of influence will enter your life today and offer you a fantastic new work opportunity. Prove you are worthy of this by demonstrating your trustworthy and stable attitude. A great deal of money comes along with this offer.


The position of the planets today strengthens your resolve to get things done. Aim that arrow exactly where you want to go - but don't let go of the draw too soon. Your aim is assisted by this transit, but your eagerness to see things end well might cause premature judgments. Use your determination and focus to finish tasks that are already started rather than start new ones. Enjoy the satisfaction of doing what is right for your body: exercise and eat well - and drink ample amounts of water.


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