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Capricorn Daily Horoscope for March 24, 2014 - Monday

Capricorn Daily Horoscope for March 24, 2014

You may have plans to get together with friends, and you're probably looking forward to it. However, Capricorn, delays could get in the way, although you aren't likely to let them stop you. Your concentration and perseverance are both higher than usual, so it isn't likely that you'll give up on anything you start today. Therefore, this is a good day to either begin or continue projects that mean a lot to you.


The celestial atmosphere today may actually mean that you get to see what is true within a certain relationship situation, and what is, and has been, false all along. Before you reach this stage, though, you need to sit down with your love interest and have a conversation. It may start out awkwardly, but if you both persist, a lot of goodwill will come out of it.

Single's Love - Love is a learning experience today. If you get tossed around a bit, just get right back up on that horse and try again. One bad date isn't the end of the world -- and it frees you up for better things.

Couple's Love - You might need to be the enforcer today, because your partner won't be pulling their weight to make sure your joint plans work out. It might be frustrating, but you can do it.


Put aside what your pals want to do or what your honey likes -- focus on your preferences! If you love a top in a shade your significant other will hate or want to get a mani when your friends don't, follow that thought.


This is a rough time of month for you in the career game, and today it is made worse by a superior who is breathing down your neck and demanding results. Be flexible and accommodating instead of becoming stubborn and forceful.


You can be motivated to achieve a great deal under the influence of today's celestial atmosphere. If you were running on "Empty" recently, this is the boost of fuel that you needed to scale further heights. Resentment can also be an issue during this transit so keep yourself healthy in every aspect: drink plenty of water, exercise every day, and eat foods that agree with your system. Avoid junk food and excess sugar at all costs - that is not what you need right now.


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