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LORAC TANtalizer Deep Body Bronzing Luminizer Review, Photos and Swatches!

LORAC TANtalizer Deep Body Bronzing Luminizer

LORAC TANtalizer Deep Body Bronzing Luminizer

LORAC TANtalizer Deep Body Bronzing Luminizer ($32) is a shimmering deep-dark bronzing cream for the body. It provides instant, long lasting color to the skin without the sun or the hassle of self-tanning - and it washes off easily by the end of the night.

I've been using self-tanner for years to maintain a dark tan, but I've slowed down a lot in the past couple of years and have been keeping up with a more natural sunkissed glow.

Whenever I feel that I'm lacking color or if I want to enhance my fresh, faux tan, I always go for a tinted body moisturizer.

I always used L'Oreal Sublime Bronze One Day Gel and it worked great, but I'm pretty sure it's been discontinued, as I can't find it anywhere. I've also used Milani Body Bronzer, and it worked fine, but the results were slightly orange. That too was discontinued. So, my quest in finding a new instant bronzing tint led me to LORAC.

LORAC Tantalizer Deep Body Bronzer has the typical creamy water-based moisturizer consistency that you see in most body bronzers. It's a deep bronze shade with loads of ultra-fine golden iridescence.

It smells like vanilla, and although I loathe the smell of artificial vanilla, it's light enough where I can't smell it unless I put it up to my nose.

You can apply it as you would a self tanner or moisturizer (bare hands is fine, it washes off immediately) and the color blends out really well without looking patchy or uneven. I like mixing it with equal parts moisturizer so it smoothes on easier and so the product goes a longer way. Depending on how much you apply, you can get pretty dark, but because of the shimmer, I only use a light coat to keep it looking natural. On my skin, it's a true bronze with brown and slight red undertones. I wouldn't consider it orange.

My main use for this product is applying it on my neck and décolleté to make my skin sunkissed and glowing. It's really useful for the days when I forget to self-tan and need my face makeup to match my neck.

LORAC TANtalizer Deep Body Bronzing Luminizer Swatch

LORAC TANtalizer Deep Body Bronzing Luminizer Swatch

I love that it dries very quickly and you can get dressed almost immediately. 

Keep in mind that it can get on your clothes, but don't worry, because it won't stain. Many times the color will transfer on the inside of my shirt, but it washes fine with no issues. This happens with every body bronzer on the market. 

Also, if you apply it to your arms, be careful when you're out washing your hands. Water takes the color away!

LORAC TANtalizer Deep Body Bronzing Luminizer Before and After
(Please ignore my red scaly hands - they always look awful in the winter)

I find the lasting power to be really good, and much better than the L'Oreal body bronzer I was previously using.

LORAC has another lighter version of this product and I'm really curious to try it and see how they compare. Either way, I'm most likely going to purchase this product when my samples run out.

Have you tried this product or any similar?

The Round-Up

  • Great color that doesn't look unnatural
  • Easy to blend
  • Washes off easily without staining the hands
  • Lasts well throughout the day
  • Will most likely transfer on the lining of your clothes, but like I said, it's pretty much unavoidable.
  • Expensive - $32 for a 5 oz bottle. On the plus side, you don't need much.
  • Not too fond of the vanilla scent, but thankfully it's not too intense.
  • Some may find it to be too shimmery, especially when layered.
Price: $32, Sephora & ULTA.

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