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Purelogy sulfate free shampoo and conditioner

The majority of people who dye their hair probably know that using shampoo with sulfate accelerates the color washout; so you have to use sulfate free shampoos in order to retain your hair color. One of the well known products in the market is Pureology. That company produced a shampoo and conditioners especially for color treated hair. But I have one advice to tell you, is that you have to buy it normally from hair salons, because from retailers is quit dangerous because they may buy you a fake one, and also from retailers the products are not guaranteed. You can find it as well in websites, mortar stores, and brick.

purelogy sulfate free shampoo
Here are some Pureology shampoo and conditioner lines:
1. Precious oil             – it’s for rough, dull and brittle hair
2. Hydrate                  – it’s for dry hair 
3. Reviving red            – it’s for vibrant hair color
4. Pure volume            – it’s for fine hair
5. Essential repair        – it’s for distressed hair 
6. Perfect 4 platinum – it’s for fragile, highlighted and highly lifted hair 
7. Super Smooth         – it’s for unmanageable hair
8. Nano Works           – it’s for aging colored hair 
9. Purify Shampoo      – it’s clarifying shampoo

Pureology produced and designed its products to retain the vibrancy of color-treated hair, but lately they started producing products such as the pureology dandruff shampoo SclapPure. Pureology’s company also start producing some products and match them with specific types of hair. And as I mentioned, Pureology does not advertise their list of ingredients for their products on the company’s website, its like a mystery product because what people do first when they buy a product is looking at the ingredients and the label to learn about the hair product’s quality. 
Detergents used in Pureology shampoosafter lookin at the shampoo strainers, you need first to take into consideration some different factors including
 1. The safety of the strainers. As you know some detergents may not correspond to your skin and hair, and it may cause allergies, it may also cause other serious problems such as the risk of cancer, and it may be also irritants.

 2. You have to know how effective the shampoo is at cleaning your hair, and removing dust and particles that stick to your hair, dust, and extra sebum. 

3. You need to know if the ingredients of the shampoo cause any damage such as drying to the skin of the hair, you have to take into consideration how the product treats your hair and scalp, and in the case of the color, if the ingredients strip the color off from the hair.

 4. Do not expect lot of foam; what can I tell you is that you have to change your perception of cleaning, because foam is not the thing that clean your hair.

purelogy sulfate free shampoo
Now we are going to highlight some important things about Pureology shampoos
SafetyPureology shampoos are very healthy, and they don’t contain the detergent Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, which has the risk to be contaminated by nitrosamines as by-products. 

Cleaning – the most known thing about Pureology shampoos is that they contain mixtures of different cleaning components which are very effective at cleaning the hair. 

Gentle cleaning – all the ingredients used by Pureology are quitly gentle compared to the traditional sulfates used in other products, and pureology are the best choice for you if you want to maintain vibrant hair color for a long period of time.

Foam production – the ingredients used in these shampoos made a lot foam.
purelogy sulfate free shampoo
Pureology shampoos contain also some botanicals, in the list bellow we are going to highlight some of the ingredients that are included in the majority of pureology shampoos:
Sunflower seed extract – natural sunscreen

Sunflower seed oil – skin conditioner 

Aloe vera leaf extract – moisturizer (in Hydrate and Purify shampoos) 

Green tea leaf extract – skin conditioner and antioxidant 

Cabbage rose flower extract – fragrance and skin conditioner 

Ylang ylang extract – fragrance, skin conditioner

Lavender – fragrance, skin conditioner

Olive oil – hair and skin conditioner, antioxidant

Lemon extract – fragrance

Coriander seed oil – skin softener (in Perfect 4 Platinum shampoo)

Shea Butter - skin conditioner (in Super Smooth shampoo)

Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract – antioxidant (in Nano Works shampoo)

-In summary, 

Using our experience as experts and after analyzing the components of pureology products, and looking at consumers reviews, we can draw positive conclusions about these hair products. I advise you to use these products only if you dye your hair. And I recommended you to try the product and see its effect on your hair at the salon, then make your decision whether to buy it or not, and also to choose the sulfate free shampoo and conditioner  that will feet your hair. And what can I tell you is to check our website and see more, because there are many choices on the market.

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