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Pisces Daily Horoscope for April 5, 2014 - Saturday

Pisces Daily Horoscope for April 5, 2014

Although you generally like to keep both feet on the ground and proceed in a stable, organized manner, Pisces, there's a strong force encouraging you to spread your wings. Incorporate more fantasy into your day, and practice the art of dreaming. Liberate yourself from reality for a while and feel the weight lifted from your shoulders. Let your imagination run wild. This will bring a greater sense of balance to your life.


You may find it initially difficult to understand what your latest date is about, but nevertheless find this person very attractive. The celestial atmosphere today means that, although you may not be quite on the same wavelength, you know deep in your hearts that you are going to grow ever more fond of each other. It is your differences that are bringing you closer together.

Single's Love - Shiny, tuned-up conversation skills come in handy on the dating trail. Arm yourself with at least three things to talk about in case the conversation dries up. Reread the person's online ad before you meet -- you'll find a goldmine of ideas there.

Couple's Love - What you thought was crystal clear has become more confusing. Ask your loved one for some clarification. Everything will work out, but perhaps in a different way than you expected.


Today will shape up to be busier than you planned. If you have style choices to make, be wary. Your impulsiveness combined with all this confusion could lead to snap decisions. An impromptu haircut is not a good idea.


Take a look at the people around you and ask yourself how they are influencing you and your choices. Your tendency is to fall into a rhythm that other people have established. Ask yourself if you want to end up like those you associate with.


This is a good day for you in your close relationships. The energy is there to feel all the security you need, while at the same time acknowledging the reality that those closest to you may need a little space. Whatever you can do to help this kind of experience along is recommended: bring flowers home, take a deep breath when you don't have the words to express yourself, and wait to see what the other person has to say. This in itself can make you feel relaxed and well.


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