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The Secret Scents of Celeb Makeup Artists (They Always Find THE Coolest Stuff)



Behind every celebrity you admire, there's usually an even cooler makeup artist. And when I get the chance to chat with one of these Hollywood pros, I almost always end up discovering some truly amazing new beauty product. So as part of my mission to find my new signature scent, I polled some of my favorite celebrity and editorial makeup artists about their own go-to fragrances. Their answers were just as intriguing as I'd hoped.

Fiona Stiles

"My personal fave is Odin New York 02. It's a unisex smell that is very mild and has a mix of wood and grapefruit. It's sexy because you have to get really close to someone to smell it. I prefer scents to be like a really subtle aura; nothing you can really put your finger on—you just want to get closer. My other favorite is Oud Amberi Attar Parfum Solide by In Fiore, a beautiful solid perfume that has a delicious woody scent. I love the portability of it and the sexy subtle fragrance."

Pati Dubroff

"For the past few years I have been exclusively wearing Black Afgano by Nasomatto. The scent is rich and hypnotic—it's meant to evoke a hash den. It has notes of tobacco, oud, coffee, and hash.
It's sexy, and I don't feel dressed without it."

Susan Giordano

"My personal favorite fragrance is one I created myself! I've always loved the idea of having a unique personal fragrance, so I set out to create one. And through the years I have gotten so many compliments on it that I decided to include it in my line of products. It's called Corsage and is comprised of rose with wood and spice notes. Although it is no longer my unique personal fragrance, I think it's amazing that so many people like it. I'll have to create a new one for myself!"

Maria Verel

"I absolutely adore fragrance, and I'm quite particular about what I wear and when I wear it. My favorite is a very exotic, heady, powerful (apply judiciously), sensual fragrance: Clive Christian X for women. It's one of my indulgences, as it is costly—but well worth it. How did I find it? It really found me. I was in Bergdorf Goodman one day many years ago and the fragrance rep stopped me, and I tried it. I was immediately enchanted. It's been my signature fragrance ever since!" [Ed note: I guess I shouldn't automatically dodge the fragrance girls every time I'm in a store!]

Jenna Anton

"Anything Le Labo! I first discovered it in the form of a candle at my friend [celebrity hairstylist] Harry Josh's house. I tend to hate synthetic fragrances, and Le Labo just wears naturally and dries down subtly."

Raychel Wade

"Le Labo Rose 31 is my greatest discovery. It's all parts sweet, musky, and sexy and great for both day and night. It's not so popular that everyone has it but also not so rare that it's hard to find!"

Kathy Jeung

"I absolutely LOVE LOVE my fragrance. It's Dior Bois d'Argent. Interesting story: It was originally sold only in the Dior Homme men's stores, where I discovered it about eight years ago. Since wearing it, I swear that almost once a day, at least one person asks me what I'm wearing. What's interesting is that it's an even split of men to women that ask!"

I love all these sexy-sounding scents! I think Le Labo is number one on my hit list to try now. How about you guys?

Do any of you have a secret signature scent, or is yours very mainstream? Share below!

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