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4 New Reads for Beauty Bookworms


It’s April, which means it’s just about time to start lining up some good summer reads. And, of course, there’s nothing we recommend more than getting a beauty title (or two) onto your list! Aside from the classics like Making Faces and Face Forward, which we’ll never stop recommending, here are some new picks we suggest adding to your shelf.

You Don’t Need All That Makeup!!!: An Insiders Guide To Looking Your Best

by Lianne Farbes

In her first book, Lianne Farbes, better known as The Makeup Girl, shares all of her insider makeup tips and tricks. Believe me, after 25 years in the makeup business she’s got some really good ones: including the best beauty buys for all ages and skin types. Even those with sensitive and acne-prone skin will find help in these pages, and every reader will come away with Farbes’ underlying point: that understanding that what’s under our makeup is what really makes us beautiful. Consider this the ultimate textbook for beauty knowledge—Farbes condones taking notes on the pages and using the book as a go-to resource for any makeup questions you have, no matter how simple or complex. [on Amazon]

10-Minute Makeup

by Boris Entrup

Let’s face it, we don’t all have a glam squad on hand to get us ready each morning. Honestly, most of us don’t even have 30 minutes. But if you want something to help pull you out of your makeup rut and put a fresh face forward, this quick-guide to application by renowned makeup artist Boris Entrup might be just the thing. Inside you’ll find over 50 different looks that you can create in roughly 10 minutes. And what’s most impressive is that each is much more creative than just “foundation, powder, blush, go!” The go-anywhere looks range from a clean face for the office to dewy spring wedding makeup to sultry date-night cat eyes. Whatever you go with, Entrup’s tutorials will get you out of the house and looking fabulous in a flash. [on Amazon]

Everything Eyes: Professional Techniques Essential Tools Gorgeous Makeup Looks

by Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is no stranger to the beauty book game, considering her much-lauded Makeup Manual. This time, Brown zooms in on one of the most important aspects of any look, the eyes. Everything Eyes is an apt title, in that it covers everything from natural basics to bombshell smokey eyes. Also highlighted: the author’s famous “glasses look,” which helps specs-wearers achieve eyes that pop even behind corrective lenses. [on Amazon]

Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beauty, Inside and Out

by Jolene Hart

Even the best makeup application isn’t going to shine its brightest if your face and skin are being fueled by sugar and french fries. When it comes to looking beautiful, what you put on the inside is what really counts—and certified beauty and health coach Jolene Hart’s Eat Pretty is the ultimate guide to eating to feel and look your best. The book helps decode which vitamins and everyday foods help build healthy, beautiful skin, and spells out how to incorporate them into your diet to reap their optimum potential. Hart tackles strategies not only for eating well (including 20 recipes), but also for managing stress and living a more balanced, mindful lifestyle. [on Amazon]

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