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Scorpio Daily Horoscope for April 12, 2014 - Saturday

Scorpio Daily Horoscope for April 12, 2014

Communication takes a prominent place in your life today, Scorpio. Your practical, direct, and down-to-Earth manner can be very impressive. You're known for succeeding where others have failed. This isn't lost on those above you on the hierarchical ladder. And they know that you aren't easily fooled. Expect steady personal and professional progress and a great boost to your self-confidence!


Although you or your partner (current or prospective) may be feeling more serious than usual, this doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy a date together. The current astral configuration may encourage you to choose somewhere that is not too jolly, as you won't enjoy that scenario. But you may get a lot of pleasure out of a play or movie that discusses certain issues in depth and is quietly informative.

Single's Love - Who's got a secret? It may be a friend, a romantic prospect, or even love itself whispering mysteries in your ear. It could also be you, finally spilling the truth!

Couple's Love - Now is the perfect time for the two of you to make plans for the future -- even just next weekend. You're feeling more confident about how things are going, and should be able to dream up something fun.


You know your mother would look much better if she just got rid of the mom jeans/perm/orthopedic shoes. Hey, let sleeping dogs snooze away. It may not work for you, but if it makes her life more comfortable, back off.


Others around you are validating you for your hard work and conscious, meticulous efforts. This positive feedback sure feels good, and it should. You have earned it. Today you are feeling so good that you are even willing to go a step further.


Once again, you can take direction from the planetary alignment. If you look closely at how you deal with people, family, friends, coworkers or potential partners of all kinds, you find that you are acting and reacting with a lot of intuition. In other words, trusting your instincts is critical to taking the right steps. To help strengthen your inner ear, stick to a regular exercise schedule and meditate on your health goals while you work out. This will help connect your intentions with your abilities.


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