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Scorpio Daily Horoscope for April 13, 2014 - Sunday

Scorpio Daily Horoscope for April 13, 2014

Your values could undergo a complete turnaround today, Scorpio. Recent developments in the world, your community, among your circle of friends, and within you could make you realize, like it or not, you and everyone around you is going through a transformation. This might be a little disconcerting, but it's a positive development. Take things one day at a time and see where they go. You'll probably like it!


If you are going out on a first date, then be prepared for a wonderful time, thanks to the present planetary alignment. Don't immediately distrust your partner (current or prospective) just because they show up with a red rose and a bottle of sparkling champagne, and wonder why they are being so nice. Some people are genuinely sweet, just because it's the way they are. Be relaxed, enjoy yourself, and you will find that this evening is definitely worth repeating.

Single's Love - Who's got a secret? It may be a friend, a romantic prospect, or even love itself whispering mysteries in your ear. It could also be you, finally spilling the truth!

Couple's Love - Now is the perfect time for the two of you to make plans for the future -- even just next weekend. You're feeling more confident about how things are going, and should be able to dream up something fun.


Don't just pick a hair salon because it comes first in the phonebook or choose a gym because it has awesome free t-shirts. Be as discriminating as possible with your beauty choices. After all, you're the one who has to live with it.


Your mind is able to sort things out with ease. You see things as they are and you are very rational with your decisions. The problem is that someone is showing off and he or she is trying to upstage you. Don't get pulled off track. Be confident.


You may experience an increase in perspective of some kind. It's especially important now to focus on a diet of healthy foods that nourish your mind as well as your body. Really limit the amount of processed food you eat - you may want to purge your home of unhealthy food sources that lie in wait for those weak moments. Ask your local organic grocer if there is a "farmer's club" you can join - an economic way to have organic produce on a regular basis!


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