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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for April 17, 2014 - Thursday

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

This will be an exciting day for you intellectually, Sagittarius. A number of intriguing concepts will catch your fancy, and you'll be hungry to learn more about them right away. Your research could take you to a library or onto the Internet. The topics might relate to social or political issues. As irresistible as these new ideas are, don't forget to tend to the business of everyday life.


Sometimes it's good to sit down and have a serious discussion with your dearest one. The current cosmic energy indicates that today would be a great time to schedule this, as you often get so involved with your daily duties that days can pass without even barely saying hello. Take the time to stay in communication with each other. Talk about all the big things and little things, and how much you mean to each other. This can be a relaxing day and very reassuring.

Single's Love - Even your deep, expansive heart and mind need some refocusing and recharging every now and then -- like right now! Take some time just for you and do whatever makes you feel right inside.

Couple's Love - You're in a really good position for some self-analysis, and might want to find a way to spend some time navel-gazing. You're likely to get the answer to a thorny relationship question.


Slow things down and you may reach your goal faster. Fewer reps with better form will sculpt your muscles more effectively, for example, and staying inside the lines when you paint your nails will minimize lengthy clean-ups!


Your thinking will be creative, yet very grounded, setting up a recipe for great success in your workplace. Don't be intimidated by bullies who think they know better than you just because they have been at the job longer than you have.


You have the determination and persistence to succeed in whatever you take on. Don't allow your inner fears to dominate. Today's planetary configuration asks you to look at your needs and to assess whether they are respected in the schedule you keep. Do you have healthy food in your fridge and cupboards? Are you able to consistently exercise and get a good night's sleep? Your health needs dictate the daily schedule you should follow.


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