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Pisces Daily Horoscope for April 17, 2014 - Thursday

Pisces Daily Horoscope

Cool heads will be needed today, Pisces, as tempers may flare at work because of frustration with ongoing problems. You might need to take the lead in keeping everyone calm by facilitating clear and open communication. It will be important to keep emotions in check or words will fly that people may regret. This is a temporary situation. Everyone should be back on an even keel as soon as issues get properly aired.


The planetary alignment today may bring a more serious note to the date you go out on this evening, but it will also help you both to get to know each other, not superficially, but on a deeper, more profound level. It is important that you take the time to develop your relationship. This will help you to feel relaxed in each other's company, as you feel safe to share your real feelings and be completely honest.

Single's Love - Opinions add up to personality. Mention something you feel passionately about with someone you think you could get passionate about. They get to see the real you, and you should see where they stand.

Couple's Love - Something big is happening, and while you can't see all the details yet, you can tell that things are changing in a profound -- and most likely positive -- way. Save the talk for later.


If you find yourself torn between an array of shoes, sweaters and skirts, do yourself a favor and opt for something classic, simple and modest. Make a splash in your own conservative, yet unique way.


Right now is a good time to re-locate or change positions. Even a small change can have a huge impact on your life. Moving to the next town over, or the next office over can make a big difference on your attitude toward going to work every morning.


The current planetary aspect may have you feeling that there is no way to approach feelings without there being any trouble. You may experience other people's feelings as obstacles, or somehow too much to deal with. Your own feelings may seem out of reach or overwhelming. Try to take some quiet time to center yourself and find your emotional core. Any element's hold on you is stronger when you are unaware of it, so try to pay attention to what you are feeling by getting some kind of exercise.


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