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Scorpio Daily Horoscope for April 18, 2014 - Friday

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

You work hard to reach your goal of financial independence, Scorpio. All signs indicate that you're well on your way. Today you could receive some news that makes you realize you aren't there yet. Perhaps a relative calls to say you're no longer his/her sole beneficiary. Maybe your investment statement shows a poor return. This isn't what you expected, but you're still on the right track. It just might take a bit longer to reach your destination.


Today's planetary alignment brings with it a very significant opportunity to get back together with someone whom you have recently fallen out with. You have been regretting this incident ever since it happened, and have been wondering what you could do to make amends. Today you get the chance at a social engagement to go and speak, even though your heart is in your mouth. It will work.

Single's Love - Work may be busy, but be sure not to neglect any romantic business. You may find that kindling a little love-flames is most definitely auspicious for you. Your charisma is really flowing now!

Couple's Love - Your partner has something to say to you, but they might be waiting or trying to say it in code. You can pick up on it once you figure out their strategy -- avoid an immediate response.


Keeping your outfit clean, pressed and eminently tidy is just as important as sporting the hottest colors and latest styles. So make sure to polish away any scuffmarks and smooth every unruly strand of hair.


Just when you thought you were done fighting the battles, new battles arise out of nowhere. Try not to get overwhelmed or stressed out. This may not be so easy to do. Call friends that you can rely on who you know will help calm you down.


You are the born traveler - the individual who follows adventure and seeks to be illuminated. You can figure out the most picturesque way to get from A to B, and you don't mind any adventure that crosses your path. You need to have a regular sports activity in your life in order to feel well, and your adventurous spirit suggests that it might be a risky one that fascinates you the most. Keep yourself fit at all times in order to enjoy the freedom of action you so desire.


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