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Pisces Daily Horoscope for April 18, 2014 - Friday

Pisces Daily Horoscope

You can overcome the intensity of today's planetary energies by making a conscious effort stay positive, Pisces. Distract yourself with necessary household chores and errands. Don't forget to take some time out for fun, too. As you work around the house, stop to indulge yourself every few hours. A cup of hot chocolate or a chat on the phone will add a welcome grace note to the day.


Today's celestial atmosphere makes you very much aware of how deeply you care about someone. You also realize that you are not about to let them go, just because you have had a slight falling out recently; the strength of your feelings will not allow this. You have a wonderful chance to make up with them today and experience your passion and love renewed at a deeper level.

Single's Love - Your generous nature means you sometimes get more emotionally invested than others do right away. Try to be more skeptical today -- let them prove they're worth your time before getting all crushed out.

Couple's Love - Just because things need improvement doesn't mean they've hit rock bottom. You get this, but your partner might need some coaxing to see reality. Soon you'll be back in a good place!


Your love-hate relationships could tip toward disdain now, so stay away from any complicated beauty products and routines. If it's too smelly, too involved or just plain ol' time-consuming, stay way from it. It'll only irritate you now.


Someone who has just asked a favor or has requested information needs a timely response. Don't hesitate any longer. Now is the time to call that person back or return his or her e-mail. Promptness in doing so is a key piece of your success.


When you set your mind to something, it is highly probable that you will succeed in what you set out to do. With today's astral configuration, this is especially true if the "something" you have set your sights on is a virtuous goal. Consider the goals you have set for yourself that involve your health. Whether it's diet, rest, or exercise, you will be supported by this aspect to fulfill and renew your commitment.


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