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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for April 19, 2014 - Saturday

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Today your strong sense of nostalgia likely has you leaning toward all things old. If you do some furniture shopping, you'll be drawn to antique shops rather than contemporary stores. There is something about the patina that only comes with age. This applies to people as well as objects, which may explain why you tend to prefer to be with people who are older than you.


Today's planetary alignment provides a positive omen of a successful date with someone who makes you slightly nervous, just because they are so totally gorgeous. You won't have to worry in the slightest, or feel that you are somehow inadequate, because they will also be completely bowled over by you. Just be your natural happy-go-lucky and smiling self, and you will have a simply stunning time.

Single's Love - Try the friends-first approach for now -- you can try that new person out without much pressure, and nobody could say no to being friends with you. Where it goes or who you meet is anyone's guess.

Couple's Love - The two of you have a lot of territory still unexplored, and you're feeling frisky enough to check more of it out today. Your good energy makes it easy to find new ways to love each other.


Break out of a homogenous rut! Who says you can't mix gold and silver accessories, or that your shoes, belt and bag must all be the same hue? In fact, your look will be a lot more fun and successful if you shake it up.


Make sure to get some physical exercise. Being outside in the fresh air will be an extremely beneficial thing. At the very least, take a short walk around the block. It is best that you stretch your legs and get your body moving at this time.


You have a strong tendency to seek out the truth, and the intensity of this quest can often be wearing on the soul. It is important to alleviate your anxiety, even if you don't recognize it on a conscious level. Deep relaxation ought to be a regular part of your health regimen. Massage, steam bath and sauna are ancient practices designed to relax the body and allow fresh perspectives to invigorate the soul. What have you done for yourself lately in this regard?


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