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Scorpio Daily Horoscope for April 20, 2014 - Sunday

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Today should be a "no holds barred" day as you strategize your next career move, Scorpio. If you were in the army, you'd be a five-star general by now - your tactical sense is that good. Unfortunately, your office isn't handing out stars. You'll have to be satisfied with a raise and promotion - the least they can offer after all your hard work. If no such offer is forthcoming, go and ask for it!


A square between the Moon and Neptune makes this a wonderfully mystical evening, the kind that is just perfect for you if you are going out on a first date with someone. You can sit and discuss each other's astrological signs, and who you might have been in past lives, and if you have been love interests ever before. Read each other's palms and generally have a really amazing evening together.

Single's Love - Embrace boldness, because that hottie you've been eying deserves an email. Better yet, just walk on over and ask them out. Don't let rejection bring you down -- just move on! If they do say yes, you've started something wonderful.

Couple's Love - Your life has been almost spookily serene, and you actually find yourself craving some drama. Not to worry -- things will heat up, so don't provoke any relationship hoo-ha just to get your sporting blood on the rise.


Take care of family obligations. Is there someone you haven't connected with in a while? Invite her for a facial or mani-pedi and catch up. If she's long-distance, surprise her with a gift certificate to her local salon.


You are bending over backwards to serve others and to make sure that everything goes smoothly for the people around you. Now ask yourself if you are really doing enough to serve yourself. Make sure you are addressing your own needs as well.


Today's energy encourages you to muse on what you enjoy and what makes you happy. Write down some of your favorite foods, things you like to do, and consider the many ways in which you depend on your body, and your body comes through for you. This is an excellent time to contemplate what we must not take for granted. Your body is your most valuable earthly asset. Are there ways in which you've neglected it? How do you go about honoring it?


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