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Aquarius Daily Horoscope for April 20, 2014 - Sunday

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

You've been working hard lately and deserve the professional acclaim that comes your way, Aquarius. As a result of your efforts, it's likely you've received or will soon receive a bonus, raise, or promotion of some kind. Celebrate, but just one night. If you let the party continue indefinitely, the bill could be too large even for you! Be frugal and work hard. That's your real ticket to the good life.


Don't worry if you don't seem to be able to add two and two together today; you're not meant to. A square between the Moon and Neptune means that your mind is functioning on a much more intuitive and imaginative level, and this could be very useful while out on your date this evening. Pay attention to your gut feeling, and if it feels right, arrange to meet again.

Single's Love - When that wave of nostalgia crashes over you, you may wish everything could just get back to normal -- whatever that means. When the mood wears off (and it will), ask yourself if you were really better off.

Couple's Love - You're the motivating force behind the day's activities, whether or not your sweetheart likes it. They'll get their turn soon enough, but you've got it all planned out -- so lead the way!


Tone your look down a notch or two for now. You'll feel a lot more comfortable in muted shades than you will in bold saturated colors -- and simple jewelry will suit you better than chunky avant-garde pieces.


You are likely to get a nice pat on the back from someone who recognizes and appreciates your hard work. You are on top of the world today and as a result, it is not a bad time to ask for a raise or a promotion. Others know that you deserve it.


Your patience level could be low today. Honor your impatience with appropriate measures. Give yourself extra time to get to your appointments, and don't set yourself up for frustrating situations. When it comes to eating, choose what you put into your body carefully. Be sure you like what you order or prepare; otherwise, you will not be relaxed and truly fulfilled by your meal. On another note - it is best to hold your tongue if a dispute threatens to arise with a lover or friend.


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