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Proenza Schouler Has a New Makeup Line


Fashion's coolest designers have entered the beauty game with a brand-new MAC collection. And it's amazing.

We knew we liked Proenza Schouler way back when Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough launched their company in 2002 and endearingly named the line using their mothers' maiden names. Since then, of course, there have been amazing clothes as well as some pretty killer bags. So when we heard their latest move was a first-time makeup collection, well—applause. Naturally, they're bringing their own brand of cool to beauty, but let's let the guys explain:

Glamour: On the runways, you're known for modern clothes and accessories worn with a bare face. How does that translate to a makeup collection?

Jack McCollough: On a beauty level our girl is always a little undone. If anything, she's got something going on with her hair, but natural skin, maybe some eyeliner. We don't see the products used all together. In real life our girl wears red lipstick but nothing else. Or she might have on black nail polish and no other makeup—little bits here and there.


Glamour: The term Proenza girl gets thrown around a lot in fashion. Who inspired the makeup?

Lazaro Hernandez: I'd say [models] like Julia Nobis and Hanne Gaby Odiele. We respond to strong individuals who have their own point of view and don't necessarily follow trends. Cate Blanchett is our icon...Chloe Sevigny, Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning. We like people with a little grit to them.

Glamour:Let's talk about the actual colors. Individually they feel classic, but together they have your signature vibe: subdued with hits of color.

JM: We love a red lip—there's a nonchalance to it. It can be done and perfected, or thrown on in a taxi on your way to dinner. We also love its connotations. Our darker berry red is kind of a nineties reference: Winona Ryder in Heathers, which is very nostalgic for us.


LH: It's a Shannen Doherty moment too.

JM: I was never into her. It's more Winona Ryder.

LH: Brenda [Doherty's character on Beverly Hills, 90210] was awesome!

JM: Brenda was not awesome. We disagree on this.

Glamour: Phenomenal throwbacks in any case! Looking forward: Does this collection hint at a more vibrant runway beauty look in Proenza's future?

JM: So far we haven't really gone wild. After developing this collection, I do think it would be fun to start exploring more of a colorful beauty look, though definitely keeping our DNA in mind. But real life is different from runway. I see this makeup with one of our jackets and a pair of jeans, so it feels more balanced. Contrast is really interesting to us. That's our approach to fashion—and in this case, beauty.

LH: There's something kind of off about it in a cool way. It's not your mother's lipstick.

The Proenza Schouler for MAC Collection is available online now at www.maccosmetics.com.

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