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Smokey Eyes Made Simple with Wayne Goss, The Eye Set


First came Wayne Goss, The Collection followed by The Face Set. So it’s only natural that Wayne has rounded out his arsenal with The Eye Set. Available now exclusively on Beautylish, these five brushes are handcrafted with silky-soft, cruelty-free natural hair bristles, so they won’t tug or pull on the delicate skin around the eyes.

In the set, you’ll find everything you need to create virtually any look and a brush for every step of Wayne’s smokey eye technique. His go-to: sultry, perfectly blended, winged out shadow and liner in sophisticated ’90s neutrals, topped off with a full, extended brow. Follow along to try it on, and get the most out of every brush in The Eye Set.

You Will Need

  • Wayne Goss, The Eye Set (Brushes 16–20)
  • dark brown kohl pencil
  • light gold shadow (slight shimmer)
  • medium and dark brown eye shadows
  • mascara or falsies

1: Apply a light gold shadow with a slight shimmer to lids using Brush 18. Then place any pigment leftover on the brush right under brow bones—“You want barely a whisper of it there,” says Wayne.

2: Line eyes with a dark brown kohl pencil, including the waterline. To get the shape right and add just a bit of depth to the eye, draw an arc just above the crease as pictured, and then fill in with the pencil.

3: Go over the line you created, just above the crease, with Brush 20. Blend out toward the outer sides of the lid. With the pigment left on the brush, go under the eyes a bit (“Waste not, want not,” says Wayne).

4: Apply medium brown shadow to the crease using Brush 18: place in the crease of the eye, and brush back and forth (tip: when working on a model, Wayne usually asks her to keep her eye open during this step). At the outer edges of the crease, blend out the color by working the tip of the brush in a circular motion.

5: Continue blending and extending the pigment out with Brush 16. Place the brush into the eye socket and work in a circular motion until the color bleeds out to nothing, extending past the outer corner as pictured.

6: Use Brush 17 to press the bulk of your darkest brown shadow onto outer lids. Note, the brush will cover about half the lid.

7: Once again, blend and extend the pigment out using Brush 16.

8: Take the color underneath the eye to join up with the top using Brush 20, as pictured. Finish with lots of mascara, or falsies.

Add a full brow and call it a day! 

All makeup featured is from Kevyn Aucoin. See Featured Products section below for details.

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