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Scorpio Daily Horoscope for April 27, 2014 - Sunday

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Today is another passionate day in a series of passionate days! Usually, Scorpio, you're a fairly reserved person where feelings are concerned. You'll be much more demonstrative with your emotions over the next few days. You can be like a fire trapped inside a wall of ice, and today that ice is beginning to melt! Let it – and enjoy it!


The current astral configuration is great for patching up difficulties within your current relationship. There is a great deal of warmth around in the atmosphere, which will make you lose that tendency to keep your feelings hidden, and encourage you to be more open and responsive to your dearest love. Take advantage of this to do something wonderful together and deepen your bond even further.

Single's Love - Dreams can come true for you today -- as long as you keep pushing. It would be nice if destiny did all the heavy lifting, you know that any goals worth pursuing (like romance) take time and effort to come to life.

Couple's Love - Spend some time today coming up with things you'd like to experience with your lover. No idea is too outrageous, so let your imagination go wild. Next comes the fun part -- making them happen!


Faced with a beauty disaster? Don't do anything drastic to those overplucked eyebrows or super-saturated hair color until you talk with an expert. Chances are you can disguise what happened until you get to the pros.


You have already analyzed a certain point to complete exhaustion. Trying to analyze it even more won't get you any further toward a decision. Instead, you need to let your instincts take over. What does your gut say about this issue?


Knowing when to stop and when to go forward can be a real source of anxiety. Picture the little billy goat on the mountain, unsure of his next step! Others may say that you make a big deal out of nothing, but inside you feel anxious. Ignore them! But don't ignore your anxiety. Create a habit of doing things that release tension and calm your anxiety. A monthly massage, for instance. Schedule the time and keep it: it is a preventative measure, not a cure for symptoms!


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