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The Lipstick League – week of 2.25.12


Question of the Week - What are your three must-have products for a home manicure?

Answer -  Dermalect Launch Pad base coat, Nail polish (preferably an awesome color) and Fast Dry Top Coat.  Wait…That's too obvious.  If you really want to have your mani look like it was from a salon, you need to have an orange stick to push down cuticles and clean up wet polish mistakes, A small detail brush dipped in nail polish remover (Preferable Zoya Remove +) to clean up errant strokes of polish around the nail, and a buffer to smooth down the edges of your nails after filing them so you get a nice rounded finish on the edge of your nails.  What about you?

Nouveau Cheap - ChapStick has been releasing some yummy Limited Edition flavors over the past few years, but their new Cupcake Creations Collection really takes the cake (pun intended). Grab these babies while you can!

Pink Sith - says there can be trouble with Taupe. Can that even be possible with this taupe loving fiend? Check out her comparisons of just one taupe among many bloggers.

Prime Beauty - Prime Beauty has fallen head over stilettos for the Smashbox Love Me Collection for Spring 2013, but she has a dilemma. Should she stick with her old boyfriend or go for the handsome new stranger? Help her decide.

Phyrra - has fallen in love with a new indie company called Girly Bits! See her review, swatches and manis.

Vampy Varnish - completely loves the new Candy Sprinkles Nail Lacquer collection from Hard Candy exclusive to Walmart!

we heart this - you've tried Birchbox, but have you tried Birchbox Home? Who knew a citrus spritzer could give me such joy!

Beauty Junkies Unite - Amber has the review & swatches of the new OPI Oz The Great and Powerful Collection!

Clumps of Mascara - is lovin’ Zoya’s Lovely nail polish collection. Spring is absolutely in the air!

EauMG - shares her favorite chocolate perfume!

Gouldylox Reviews - February is a busy month for product launches. Check out my five favorite products in February. (I couldn't choose five, but seven didn't sound as classy.)

Lipglossiping - takes a moment to appreciate that rare wonder of makeup doing exactly what it’s supposed to!

My Beauty Bunny - goes to the Oscars! See her photos.

Guest Post of the Week, as chosen by Nouveau Cheap - Do you ever wonder how your favorite nail polish bloggers get those beautiful, sharp close-up shots of their manicures? One of my favorites, Jen from The Polishaholic, reveals her secrets here.

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