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The Look: A White Blouse


Hi everyone,

It’s getting to be that time when I get tired of everything in my closet. But with a little style imagination, there is always a way to stretch the life of basic items in your closet. Take the white collared shirt, for example. It’s a classic wardrobe staple—it’s sleek, chic and can be worn a dozen different ways. Check out these five distinctive looks that will make that old white blouse in your closet feel brand new again.

Look #1: Casual and Relaxed



Look #2: Boho Chic



Look #3: Downtown Cool



Look #4: Perfectly Polished




Look #5: Daytime Glamour




How do you style your basic white blouse? Snap a photo of your favorite white blouse look, upload it to your profile and share the link in the comments section for a chance to be featured as Member of the Moment!

Click Here for instructions on how to upload photos on MichellePhan.com.

<3 Mish

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