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Review:Sephora +Pantone Universe Colour Theory Shadow Block in Elemental


Sephora +Pantone Universe has some OUTSTANDING products showcasing the 2013 Pantone Colour Of the Year! Remember when I was not so keen on Emerald Green being the it colour this year? Well, I've CHANGED MY MIND FOLKS. I've been playing with the colour for the last few days and WOW. Yup, you're going to want something I'll be showing you over the next couple of days I think!
First is the Sephora +Pantone Universe Colour Theory Shadow Block in Elemental($31 CAN)

 photo SephoraPantoneUniverseColourTheoryShadowBlockElemental.jpg
Sephora +Pantone Universe Colour Theory Shadow Block in Elemental
Maybe it's because I'm the daughter of a painter, but I LOVE this packaging because it reminds me of paint chips! When I was little one of my favourite things to do was sneakily "borrow" my father's paint chip books and look at all the pretty colours and what their names were: Fawn Brown, Blue Lagoon, Buttercup Squash-I was in awe of all the colours and names they had! Now there's another job I'd like to have-giving names to colours. It would be just as awesome as naming lipstick colours!

 photo IMG_7722.jpg

 photo SephoraPantoneUniverseColourTheoryShadowBlockElemental2.jpg

The compact itself is really cool too actually-much like the Inglot Palettes there are magnets that keep the lid on and you just slide the top to open the compact.

 photo SephoraPantoneUniverseColourTheoryShadowBlockElemental4.jpg
There's also a slide out mirror underneath the palette as well. Hey? Now that's a neat little palette!

 photo IMG_7730.jpg
Sephora +Pantone Universe Colour Theory Shadow Block in Elemental
The shades in the palette are Appleblossom-a shimmery champagne beige much like Stila Kitten just not as pink, Camel-a matte, warm brown, and Emerald Shimmer-a bright emerald green with some fine shimmer that actually I don't really notice because it just falls away upon application.

 photo IMG_7738.jpg
Emerald Shimmer, Camel, Appleblossom

These shadows in the Sephora +Pantone Universe Colour Theory Shadow Block in Elemental are really great! They are buttery smooth, INSANELY pigmented, blend super easy and last all day over a primer. There's some fallout with Emerald Shimmer upon application, but it's not really obnoxious or anything. You need so very little of that shade for it to show up anyways! Here's a couple of looks I wore while testing out the palette:

 photo ElementalEyes1.jpg

 photo Elementaleyesclosed.jpg

 photo Elementalgreeneyescollage.jpg

I really love this little palette! The Sephora +Pantone Universe Colour Theory Shadow Block in Elemental is well worth it I say! All the shades are easy to wear and it's an amazing way to get that Pantone 2013 Colour Of The Year into your makeup wardrobe. And just in time for St. Paddy's Day too! If you don't like wearing green clothing, or like some of us you don't really HAVE any with green in it, wear some in your makeup to avoid getting the bumps, pinched or whatever form of torture your friends subscribe to. No, I'm not bitter... really. Hahahaha!

You can find the The Sephora +Pantone Universe Colour Theory Shadow Block in Elemental at Sephora! There's also one called Bionic  that has a bright blue in it, and another one called Eclipsed that has an olive green in it. Both look just as gorgeous to me!

Are you embracing Emerald Green yet? Believe it or not I actually bought a t-shirt in the colour! What is happening to me guyz? 

*Disclamer: I was sent this product to review by PR/Company. Love it or leave it, but my review and opinions are my own thoughts and words, thank you very much

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