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Betrousse - Christmas Beauty Box

I feel slightly wrong using the word Christmas now, in some ways it feels like only yesterday but in other ways it feels like so long ago, but the latest box from Betrousse which was launched just before Christmas has just landed on my doorstep and of course I wouldn't be me if I didn't give you low down on one of my favourite boxes.
This box brings us a seven full sized items.
Two of which have featured in boxes before the Saffron London - Crackle Nail Varnish was also in the last box while Forte Pharma - Turbo Slim Chrono Active was featured in the first.

To quickly revisit the Saffron London polish, it's a black crackle which can be used to jazz up many different manicures - I have to say I love popping a crackle on a few days after the original polish has gone on, as it's a great way to bring it to life and get just a little bit longer out of it. RRP 75p for 14ml.

Turbo Slim Chrono Active is going to be a hit or miss product it's a slimming aid said to work in harmony with a person's body you can buy these online and in store at Superdrug and Boots and for a 2 week supply they cost £29.95. 
(Just to include my view - I am trying to lose weight so I will be trying them out, they are a product I have come across before but due to the price tag aren't something I would normally buy; I can however see how people will not like the presence of this in a box.) 
Tattyoo - Betrousse Tattoo's
Tattyoo specialise in custom body art, they work with business and individuals to create each packet - nosing on their website they really have some cute designs. The one's included aren't up my street, so while I won't be using them - I think it's a really different way to advertise your brand - Life in a Break Down temporary tattoo's anyone? They are said to last 5 - 8 days. RRP - £5 per packet.

Charme d'Orient Relaxing Body Massage Cream OR Bath & Massage oil
A brand founded in 1998 they specialise in cosmetics and treatments from the Orient - the head office and main spa are situated in Paris and they have become a brand sold in many other countries. I received the cream which for me is the best choice I'm far from a massage oil person; the cream gives a warming sensation when being massaged into the skin. RRP - £16.99

Skinetica - Anti-blemish liquid
I actually have a review of this coming up soon separately so I won't go into this too much - but it's an anti-blemish liquid that you can use as part of your daily routine, improvements have been noticed within 3-4 days when it comes to calming and clearing the skin of imperfections. It's widely available over here in the UK and costs £9.99 for 100ml.

Soins Expert - Hydra Expert Cream
Soins Expert specialise in anti-aging and anti-acne products, the Hydra Expert Cream is aimed at keeping the skin hydrated, while also regenerating, soothing and protecting. This one has been passed onto my Mum and I am looking forward to seeing how she gets on with it. RRP £34 for 50ml.

Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Spa OR Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay Spa
I remember the days of picking one of these up for a pamper session pre going out - though not these two exactly as they are newer additions to the range, having used the Dead Sea Mud Spa mask before I can tell you I do love it, it's very simple to use the mud is infused into the sheet mask (don't expect to have it slathered on top as the picture seems to show - yes I fell for that first time) but it is soothing and calming to the skin. RRP £1.49 per mask.

This box has a total RRP of £97 - normally a Betrousse Box costs £18 + P&P But..

All Betrousse Kits at the moment are selling for £9* (+P&P) past and present! If you're a first time buyer you also get £3 off so you can pick up any box for just £11 including postage - so if you're not sure if Betrousse is for you all I can say is try now!
(I may have just ordered myself one)

What do you think of the Christmas Betrousse Box?
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*I can't find an end date for the 50% off box price so grab it while you can.
**I received my Betrousse Box free of charge to help with this post this however doesn't effect my opinion which is as always honest.

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