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I love serums, a good one does a fantastic job of making your skin be the best it can be and I really do believe they serve a role in putting the work in early for long term anti-aging benefits. I've never been a fan of long multi-stepped beauty routines, preferring to keep it as simple as possible, but I don't find adding a serum to be any real pain. If I am in a bit of a rush (every day) I just add the serum to the moisturiser in my hand and apply them mixed together which just takes an extra two seconds. I really do see the benefits in using a serum, especially if you are in your late twenties and up. They can work out quite pricey a bottle but it's worth remembering they last ages, you certainly shouldn't be replacing them every month they should last a good few months which, if you divide that by monthly use, it doesn't seem so much (I can justify spending money far too easily!)

I am very lucky I get to try so many wonderful products and instead of writing separate posts I thought I'd put my favourites on a list for you to see which sounds the most appealing. Like all skin care what suits one person may not suit another but these have all done something positive for me, I think they are wonderful and highly recommend them.

The best serums

1. Vichy 'LiftActive Serum 10 Youth Enhancing Serum' (£29.50/$52)
I love this. It's been on my dressing table for about a year and it's still going strong, I kept swayed by newer, prettier bottles but I keep coming back to it. Like most Vichy products it just quietly gets on with doing what its supposed to do without a fanfare, and like all Vichy products it is perfect for sensitive skin. Its great for all ages from 30s to over 50s. This is a solid performer and its  a pretty smart looking bottle too as well as being small so its not a pain to throw in an over night bag.

I'm a big Estee Lauder fan, I'm a fan of all brands that consistently deliver. I don't have large pores so i feel like it is wasted on me as I don't see that effect but the internet reviews rave about it as a pore minimiser as does my aunt who is my 'large pore' guinea pig. It does, however, makes my skin feel wonderfully velvet soft and smooth. If large pores are your issue I would definitely go for this.

3. La Roche Posay 'BioMedic Pigment Control Concentrated Serum; (£25.99)
Any regular blog follower knows my feelings for LRP and there is no surpise this serum works wonders like all their other products. LRP products are consistently reliable and anyone specific skin issues or sensitive skin should use them. This serum is designed for pigmentation marks, dark spots and uneven skin tone, for people like myself who have a lot of sun damage (I lived by a Spanish beach for 8 years when baby oil was considered sun cream) and other pigmentation issues. The difference this serum has made on my skin tone is nothing short of incredible.

4. Clinique 'Laser Focus Repair' (£39.50/$73)
Another one I love, this is a fantastic all rounder for repairing sun and environmental damage, fights and repairs anti-ageing and gives you amazing looking skin. I really like this one, I alternate this with the others in the mornings but only because I have them all, you only need one!

I could rave about this product for weeks, I know I've mentioned it numerous times on other blog posts so I wont go on too much. This is my go to night product and I find it amazing. It suits all skin types and is brilliant for anti-ageing plus it smells incredible, it's a real treat to use. I often use this in place of a night cream so it doesn't last as long as the others this way but, if you use as directed under cream a few times a week, it will last for months.

This isn't famed all the world over and winner of a zillion beauty awards for nothing. It's a fantastic serum designed specifically against anti-aging for smother, even skin. Fantastic serum as well as a multi-use product, it's great for mixing with foundation to get a soft sheer base and as a hand soother for dry skin, I am a bit in love with this. A really great all rounder for mature skin and amazing as a pick me up on any face that is suffering the morning after a big night.

7. SK-11 'Ultimate Revival Essence' (£170/$250)
If the price wasn't an issue I would die clutching this in my hands, you'd have to pry them apart to get it off me, it's completely amazing. If price isn't a factor then buy buy buy, good lord what are you waiting for? But, if price is a factor, it isn't going to turn you into Giselle so don't go without food for a serum.

The thing to remember is they all are great it's finding the one your skin reacts the best to as everyone is different. 

Have you tried any of these? Do let me know your thoughts or if you know of any other brilliant serums.


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