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fresh nail color: Square Hue subscription service


happy monday, beauties! as the first week of march came to a close, i received a fabulous little box containing three gorgeous bottles of nail polishes from a subscription nail polish company you should know...

it's called Square Hue.

have you heard of it?

this brand boasts simplicity, yet is still on the pulse of current fashion and culture. each month they curate the colors that keep up with what's hottest in style and season ~ a distinct personality to suit a variety of dress needs, day or evening, casual or luxe... 

since this was my first experience with Square Hue, i was obviously intrigued {new nail polish? yes, please!}. after the application and wearing of each shade {from their march O'Hue collection}, i'm very impressed. not only are they beautiful, formulated with a fabulous consistency and fast drying, but i love the shape and design of the bottles!

some important stuff you should know: Square Hue colors are developed by the same lab as some of the largest international brands; the polishes are a 3-Free Clean formula {no DBP, formaldehyde or toluene, and since they wanted an extra clean formula, no camphor either}, not tested on animals and  proudly made here in the united states.

 now on to the polish!

with names like "Blond Ale""Amber Lager", and "Patty's Pint", the O'Hue collection centered around an irish whimsy theme, and yes, st. patrick's day:

Amber Ale ~ a gorgeous deep copper

Patty's Pint ~ fabulous emerald green shimmer

Blonde Ale ~ a beautiful opaque gold shimmer

another plus that i have to point out is that a portion of their sales go to a very good cause. you can visit their website for more info about the service as a whole of course, and i highly recommend you do! 

so if you love beautiful surprises {three original polish shades are created for each month and go out to everyone who subscribes}, great polishes and are looking for something new, head over to squarehue.com to sign up for the april Bloom collection, in development now. i get nothing if you do, i just think this is a fabulous source for nail polish!


O'Hue polish collection was sent to me courtesy of Square Hue

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