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6 Genius Ideas for Storing and Organizing Your Hair Tools


I have been on an organizational rampage recently—nothing like an impending visit from your parents to get the old "get house in order" juices flowing. And one of the items I'm corralling at the moment? All my hair tools like my brushes, hair-dryers ,and curling irons. Here are my favorite ideas I've found so far.

You can use my old method of storing my hair-dryer, a hook under the sink:

Source: glamour.com via Beth on Pinterest

Use covered tin cans to hold your brushes and irons:

Source: powerhomesolutions.blogspot.com.au via Beth on Pinterest

Repurpose an old jewelry cabinet:

Source: thirtysixthavenue.com via Beth on Pinterest

Put that area around the sink to good use (if you have a sink like this, that is—I don't):

Source: amazon.com via Beth on Pinterest

Hang an old magazine file on the inside of your cabinet:

Source: thevow0.blogspot.com via Beth on Pinterest

Or use cute little hanging baskets by your mirror:

Source: repinly.com via Beth on Pinterest

Which one would you find the most useful? And how do you keep your hair tools organized? Spill!

Photos: Via Pinterest

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