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Guest Post | Blondes Versus Brunettes: Who Has More Fun?

This guest blog was written by John Rooney on behalf of The House of Rush, professional hairdressers in London who can transform your look to be whoever you want to be, whether it be blonde or brunette.
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It is the age old question. A quandary that has puzzled the greatest minds in the world of fashion and style for as long as anyone can remember, and yet we are still no closer to finding a definitive answer.

Yet in the modern day entertainment industry, with 24-hour news coverage and social media providing a constant stream of new stories, we have never known more about the activity of our favourite celebs. Read on as we pit six of the world's wildest and fun-loving stars against each other in the ultimate battle of hair colour supremacy.
In the Blonde Corner...

Lady Gaga

Over the four years since the release of her seminal debut album 'The Fame' in 2008, it seems as though barely a week has gone by without some sort of outrageous costume, performance or behaviour making her the woman everyone is talking about.

Despite the undoubted quality of the music she produces, a huge amount of her success has to be put down to her public image and persona. Never one to shy away from the spotlight, she has used her fame to champion a number of good causes - including HIV and AIDS - as well as contributing to a number of charities, and she has a fiercely loyal fan-base.

Wild Rating: 8/10 Fun Rating: 7/10 Total: 15/20

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Lindsay Lohan

Ok, so she may have started out as a redhead but Li-Lo has spent the majority of her adult life as a blonde to qualify for this list - and could there possibly be a more worthy candidate? From falling out of clubs at 6a.m. to being thrown in jail for her party-animal antics, the former child star has developed an infamous reputation as a good girl gone bad.

Wild Rating: 9/10 Fun Rating: 5/10 Total: 14/20

Marilyn Monroe

The ultimate blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe led a troubled life in front of the cameras, managing three marriages and a string of high profile affairs during her 36 years. She is even alleged to have had a relationship with the President of the United States himself, John F. Kennedy, however despite a fascinating love life, the story of Norma Jeane is more tragic than fun-filled.

Wild Rating: 6/10 Fun Rating: 1/10 Total: 7/20

The Blondes finish with a score of 36/60!

Representing the Brunettes...

(image: weheartit)

Katy Perry

It may seem as though Katy Perry has been around forever, however the woman who kissed a girl (and liked it) has only been on the scene since 2008. Her vibrant dress sense and zany music videos portray an artist loving life, while she has been no slouch in the relationship department either.

Following relationships with Gym Class Heroes front man Travie McCoy and Relient K kead Matt Thiessen, she married British star Russell Brand in 2010, only to divorce him 14 months later.

Wild Rating: 5/10 Fun Rating: 7/10 Total: 12/20

Angelina Jolie

She may be settled down with husband Brad Pitt, three adopted and three biological children nowadays, but there was a time when the star of Tomb Raider, Wanted and Mr & Mrs Smith was Hollywood's premier wild child.

The actress' marriage to fellow star Billy Bob Thornton was of particular interest to the entertainment media, owing much to bizarre gestures of love such as wearing vials of each other's blood around their necks.

Wild Rating: 7/10 Fun Rating: 6/10 Total: 13/20

Kristen Stewart

Vials of your partner's blood seems the perfect place to move on to our next Brunette, Twilight star Kristen Stewart. Consistently romantically linked with her co-star Robert Pattinson since the first movie was released in 2008, they never officially confirmed their relationship until her affair with Snow White & the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders forced her to publicly apologise for her "momentary indiscretion".

Wild Rating: 5/10 Fun Rating: 7/10 Total: 12/20

The Brunettes finish in front by a whisker with 37/60!

Okay, so this may not exactly put to bed the argument of who has more fun, but it does certainly show one thing - that the world's leading celebrities are capable of some wild and outrageous behaviour no matter their hair colour. 

Interested in being a guest blogger? Please let me know!

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