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hair therapy: in praise of the top knot...

bonjour and happy friday, loves! hope your week has been good to you!

it has been for me.

after a 3 week holiday break {yes, three weeks} my kids went back to school. so, as you can imagine, i've relished the quiet hours alone. it was nice getting back into the school routine, not to mention having a date day with my husband.

but enough about that; i'm here to dish my new love of a very popular hairstyle. you are probably a fan of it, and you might actually find yourself wearing it at some point over the weekend, regardless of your plans ~

it's the top knot.

ok, so i'm {sort of} late to the party.

sure, i've piled my hair on top of my head to wash my face or go to sleep, but since i'm more of a wear-my-hair-down kind of gal, i've never taken the time to wear this particular style on purpose.

i know this isn't a new thing, nor do i think this style will ever go away, but since it has become one of the most popular, and quite versatile, way to wear your hair {it's everywhere!}, i don't feel the least bit guilty for not jumping on this trend right away.

why the sudden love? i have no clue. i guess it was just my time to finally give it a try.

it's fabulous because it can be worn messy {as seen in the pics above}...

or arranged perfectly for special occasions.

{Kerry Washington at the paris premiere of Django Unchained; Amanda Seyfried at last weekend's Golden Globes} 

it's recently been worn on the red carpet...

 and, depending on your mood, it can be created with lots of texture or as sleek as you please.

needless to say, it's a style i've become quite fond of. it's still a bit out of my comfort zone, but that, especially when it comes to beauty, can be such a freeing and fabulous thing!

tell me: are you a fan of the top knot?

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