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Sneak Peek: Avon Forbidden Fruits


Avon Forbidden Fruits, Petal Impressions

If you're a BIG Avon Nailwear Pro fan, I have an exciting sneak peek from their newest summer release called, Forbidden Fruits. It's a collection of six, fresh & fruity colors with a glistening, glass-pearl finish as Avon describes. Along with this fun collection, I couldn't resist sharing the Spring 2013, Petal Impressions Collection.

Since I haven't been able to officially review Forbidden Fruits or Petal Impressions, I hope you don't mind nail wheels along with a brief description for each color. The flu knocked me down hard for an astonishing 8 weeks (no joke!) and right now I'm still trying to recover fully.

Here we go!

Avon Forbidden Fruit Swatches

Avon Forbidden Fruits Collection

Forbidden Fruits Summer 2013 Collection 

Honeydew Dazzle - is a pastel mint green with bright green glass-fleck glitter.

Divine Lime - is a lime green/chartreuse with bright green glass fleck glitter.

Grape Goodness - is a magenta/fuchsia purple with bright pink/gold duochrome glitter. In the bottle you can see the gold duochrome, but it's not visible on the nail.

Mandarin Magic - is an orange with gold glass flecked glitter.

Seduce Me Strawberry - is a hot coral pink with bright pink/gold duochrome glitter. Just like Grape Goddess, you can see the gold duochrome in the bottle but not on the nail.

Apple Of His Eye - is a red orange with gold shimmer. It's more of a harvest orange compared to the swatch above. Love this color!   

Avon Petal Impressions Swatches

Avon Petal Impressions Swatches

Petal Impressions Spring 2013 Collection 

Forget Me Not Blue - is a medium blue with bright turquoise shimmer.

Blue Water Lilies - is a gorgeous periwinkle blue with golden shimmer.

Garden Green - is a medium, kind of murky green with bright green shimmer.

Inspired Iris - looks more lavender in the bottle, but applies much sheerer to a cool pinkish purple with blue shimmer.

Sweet Pea Dreams - is actually hard to pin point the exact color of this peachy neutral. It's a peachy/beige/nude with gold shimmer. And I'd even say this might come close to matching certain skin tones. It's definitely the odd duckling.

Painted Peony - is a pink toned peach with golden shimmer. It falls along the same line as Nars Orgasm or Peach Sparkle, although I haven't compared them side by side.

Avon Holographic Nail Polish 

In other Avon news, I have a tidbit of thrilling information for my holographic lovers. Launching with Campaign 12 is a new summer collection called, Celestial Summer, which features 10 cosmic nail colors with a holographic pearl finish ($3.49). Now judging by the promo image, which we know it can be a little misleading, looks like a subtle effect, possibly similar to the Tronica Collection?

Full Disclosure: The following product(s) featured in this post was purchased by Steph's Closet. 

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