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Fighting the Good Fight Against Cellulite? Try Scrubbing With Coffee Grounds!


Confession time: I'm in the midst of another cleanse, so I'm off coffee for the next 10 days. Translation: I'm willing to try damn near anything to get my java fix. And by anything, I mean anything.


Case in point: I was tooling around in my in-box last night when I came across a recipe for a DIY skin scrub made of coffee grounds from Indie Lee, the founder of all-natural skin care brand Indie Lee & Co. I got way too excited for two reasons: 1) My coffee addiction is the real deal, and 2) In addition to being an amazing exfoliant, it's said that the caffeine in coffee grounds help dehydrate fat cells and break down fatty deposits in your thighs reducing the appearance of cellulite. (Sounds like an all-around win for me.)

I plan on making my own over the weekend; if you're interested in getting involved, here's what you'll need:

1/2 ounce sweet almond oil
2 tablespoons espresso-roast coffee grinds
5 tablespoons coconut oil
3/4 cup arrowroot powder (it's a natural alternative to talc powder)

And here's how to make it:

1. Combine coffee grinds and sweet almond oil in a large bowl and mix.
2. Add coconut oil and mix well.
3. Mix in the arrowroot powder. Make sure all coconut clumps are gone.
4. Refrigerate mixture for 24 hours so it solidifies and becomes easier to scoop out.

That's it! Easy and affordable. Fingers crossed it works!

Have you ever made your own body scrub before? If not, would you?

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