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Physicians Formula Super BB All-in-1 BB Cream Review


I had no idea that Physicians Formula was coming out with a BB Cream until I saw it at CVS the other day.  I loved their last foundation, Youthful Wear- it was full coverage that didn't settle into lines and wrinkles and had a really lovely mousse-like formula.  So I had very high hopes for this BB, mainly that it would have more coverage than all of the other tinted moisturizer-esque formulas  I've tried thus far.  It claims 10 benefits: 
Long Wearing

It cost $15, but there was an instant $3 off coupon right on the package, plus I had $6 in CVS Extra Bucks, so I got it for $6.

First, some packaging shots: 

One thing I have to stress about this product before we go any further is that it separates!  The first time I squeezed the tube, I got some clear oil and then a blob of product after that, and when I tried to mix it, it just turned into an oily mess.  So I shook it up really well, and it was fine.  But then the next time, same thing happened- more separation!  So I've learned that you need to shake this up each and every time you use it. 

This formula is what I have been waiting for in terms of a BB with coverage. This is actually a cream formula with medium coverage, similar to foundation.  For a light/medium shade, this was a little dark for my skin.  I'm not super-fair, but I'm very light with pink undertones.  This was yellowy and definitely closer to a medium shade.

Below is the product fully blended in.  It feels very moisturizing, but leaves more of a matte finish. I wasn't crazy about the finish, because as someone with dry skin, I felt that it took away luminosity and almost looked sort of muddy on my face, especially since it's quite a bit darker than my skin.  Sort of like when you try to apply powder bronzer while your moisturizer is still damp!
On a positive note, it has great coverage, which really sets this apart from the other drugstore BB's, and didn't settle into lines and wrinkles, which is fantastic. 

For me, the biggest disappointment was the lack of luminosity/muddiness of the finish.  It might be that the shade was just too dark for me, and also the fact that it's been 15 degrees out where I live, which means that my skin is drier than usual.  If they came out with a lighter shade that blended better with my skin, I might try this in the summer months to see if I have a better result.  Other than that, I'll probably just stick with my Revlon Nearly Naked foundation, which has similar coverage and makes my face look healthy and glowy.

What do you think, have you tried this out, or do you want to?  Anyone with normal or oily skin have a better result with the finish?

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