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NYC Cosmetics Smooth Skin BB Creme 5-in-1 Review

Several weeks ago, I posted about some new NYC Cosmetics products that were launching for Spring 2014. But other than the mascaras, I haven't seen the other products anywhere and I look every time I'm out. 
Finally I spotted the BB Creme at Target and it was only $2.50...so how could I resist?
The packaging is nothing fancy, just a clean, simple squeeze tube, but I like it.  It's smaller than some other BB's at 1oz. but its so cheap who cares?

This creme is supposed to have 5 benefits in 1- 
1. Protect Skin
2. Minimize Pores
3. Erase Imperfections and Minimize Fine Lines
4. Smooth Skin
5. Brighten for a Luminous and Natural Look.

The medium shade appears too dark for me in the heavy swatch below, but once blended, it looks really close, and my skin always gets some color in summer anyway.

Notice in the list of 5 benefits it didn't say that this moisturizes? Good, because it really doesn't. Most BB's are combo moisturizers and color but this is strictly a "skin perfector" and those with oily skin will appreciate the satin, almost matte finish on this vs. the dewy finish of most BB's. I used moisturizer beforehand because I could tell when I swatched it that it wouldn't be enough for my dry skin. 
This gives light coverage, but it covered areas of mild redness and evened out my skin nicely. It goes on like a thin film so it doesn't cake or sit in lines at all!
I've actually been using this all week, just adding concealer under my eyes and around my nose and my skin looks pretty near flawless!
I didn't notice any pore minimizing, like it claims to do, but it does brighten due to teeny tiny sparkles in the product. Don't worry...its not a crazy amount and I couldn't see them on my face, even in sunlight. I just happened to notice them on my hand when I looked reeealy closely.

Overall, this is a great pick for $2.50, especially for the upcoming summer season. If you don't have a ton of flaws to hide and want something to even out your skin with zero weight, you've found your bargain right here! 

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