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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for April 6, 2014 - Sunday

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for April 6, 2014

You think of yourself as fairly modern in your thinking, don't you, Sagittarius? But have you really been able to reject tradition entirely? Have you rid yourself of all the outmoded conventions that confined earlier generations? If not, today you'll be inspired to revamp your role models and lighten your workload. Equality in the home is just as important as equality in the workplace.


You may not initially realize what is going on until it has happened. The planetary configuration of the day creates a smoke screen, a layer of complicated confusion that seems to give you a false feeling of security. But it would be better if you could stay alert, as someone you thought you could trust may think that they can get away with behavior they shouldn't. Don't give them the chance.

Single's Love - A situation today calls for a direct yes-or-no answer. Problem is, you don't see the solution as cut and dry as the others. Try to compromise without railroading your position. If it turns ugly, abstain from giving your answer until things cool down.

Couple's Love - Language can be a powerful tool for creating romance. Tonight, get creative in describing to your lover exactly what you'd like to do with them. Don't leave out any of the juicy details!


Prepare to make some amazing and unexpected discoveries. If you see a clearance bin at your favorite boutique, for example, it's probably worth taking the time to root through the whole thing!


You have the missing ingredient that other people are looking for. You easily know how to patch up disputes in the workplace. You can bridge the gap. There certainly will be differences of opinion today so you will have your work cut out for you.


This is a great day to assert your dreams and visions. If you would like to see yourself a little bit healthier in two months' time, today is a great day to swim an extra few laps or run up that hill two times. If you see yourself as more of a social animal than you were over the last six months, today is a great day to place a personals ad (I know - go crazy!) or surprise yourself in some other way. It's a fun day, a day to get started on things, and most of all a day to express yourself as you want to be!


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