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Capricorn Daily Horoscope for April 13, 2014 - Sunday

Capricorn Daily Horoscope for April 13, 2014

Are you contemplating a move of some kind, Capricorn? Perhaps you're thinking about relocating to be closer to members of a group with which you're affiliated. You might also be considering a move to a community where spiritual and metaphysical values are not only discussed but also lived. Make a list of your options, if that helps. You're in a transitional period right now. You need to be practical.


The position of the heavenly bodies today brings you the chance to find out just how sweetly and tenderly someone close to you feels about you. Even though you may have found it difficult to trust, you will discover that your barriers begin to fall, from today onwards. You see something about the way they express themselves that shows you they really care. Why not tell them that you feel just the same.

Single's Love - Talk to all sorts of people today, with no agenda in sight. Without expectations, you can meet people as they really are, and you get to be at your best as well. When you're having fun, the good stuff starts to happen!

Couple's Love - You and your partner are entering a new phase of your relationship -- and now is the time to make sure it's working for you. Set the tone, check your plans and communicate as clearly as you can.


Bumps in the style road aren't necessarily detrimental. If your stylist is impossible to get a hold of, you're probably ready to find a new one. If you can't find anything cute at your favorite store, try that vintage boutique instead.


Pressure is coming in from all sides and you are caught in the middle. Your tendency is to put the blame on others for one reason or another. This is not a healthy solution. Take a look at yourself and realize that you got yourself into this mess.


You are very sensitive to the plight of the earth as it undergoes destruction in many places. Support your own inner peace through the calming practice of meditation (a long walk can be a meditation, too) or gentle exercise. If you are feeling susceptible to illness, use preventive herbal remedies such as goldenseal, echinacea and astragalus, all easily found in your local health food store. To calm the pineal gland, our bodies' most attuned psychic organ, the fruit of the papaya is recommended.


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