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Aquarius Daily Horoscope for April 13, 2014 - Sunday

Aquarius Daily Horoscope for April 13, 2014

Communication with friends, siblings, and neighbors should be open, congenial, and supportive today, Aquarius. A gathering could open the door to new friendships, interesting discussions, and other group activities that you might enjoy. The only downside could involve mental overload. You might learn so much today that you can't keep track of it all. Take notes so you can maintain a record of everything that particularly impresses you.


If a bunch of beautiful red roses arrives for you, don't be surprised. The current astral configuration means that even if a loved one is normally not the most romantic of people, they will surprise both you and themselves today. There is a very special atmosphere around that seems to encourage love interests to express themselves in wonderful ways. You, too, will feel moved to respond in an appropriate manner.

Single's Love - You're quite the social animal right now, and those you meet are sure to be entranced. Don't overlook anyone -- you never know who might entrance you right back!

Couple's Love - You and your partner are entering a new phase of your relationship -- and now is the time to make sure it's working for you. Set the tone, check your plans and communicate as clearly as you can.


The initial price makes you blanch, but think it over: Would you rather have six pairs of so-so pants you'll wear for six months each and then donate, or one great pair of pants you'll showcase for years to come?


There is a very expansive feeling to the day and whatever idea you have will be multiplied or amplified in some way. This is fine, but make sure you verify your intensions with others before moving forward recklessly. Check in before you proceed.


Relieve your stress level today with some form of exercise that cheers you up. What you do for your body you also must do for your spirit. Running with friends or taking a funk-aerobics class at your local gym would be great, something to pump up your heart rate as well as your sense of humor. The kind of energy we have comes largely from the activities we choose to participate in - choose something that makes you smile!


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