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Pisces Daily Horoscope for April 13, 2014 - Sunday

Pisces Daily Horoscope for April 13, 2014

Career matters couldn't be going better right now, Pisces, especially if you're in one of the communication fields, including writing, publishing, teaching, the Internet, or mass media. Your financial situation is probably improving very quickly, and you're making contact with congenial, intriguing people who share your interests. You're also becoming more aware of the changes going on in the world and doing your part to help them along. Bravo!


Today's position of the heavenly bodies is a dream for love interests everywhere. It encourages you to recall all that is wonderful and memorable about your time together. Either create a wonderful atmosphere at home and spend the evening enjoying each other's company, or go out for a romantic meal and take a walk somewhere beautiful where you stand beneath the stars. The bond between you will develop in strength.

Single's Love - If you're considering (or reconsidering) a romantic move, ask yourself what you've got to lose. Unless there's really something vital at stake, you should only glance before you leap.

Couple's Love - If you've been relying on full disclosure from your partner to plot the course of your relationship, now is a good time for you to trust your judgment and make a move without consultation.


Assert your independence from the rest of the pack. If every magazine you pick up is showing green, then wear pink. If you see blond highlights everywhere you look, then find your perfect shade of auburn or black.


You will not be satisfied with your work unless you can see tangible results. Only when you can touch, feel, and see the product of your work will you be truly fulfilled. Make sure you are on a path that will lead you toward this satisfying end.


You will feel sympathetic to the underdog today. You may also feel so sensitive that you get your feelings hurt through some kind of misunderstanding. Bolster your defense mechanisms with "protective" measures. Sign up for a self-defense class. Look into the martial arts as a new form of exercise to integrate into your repertoire. Give yourself the benefit of drinking plenty of water and substituting herbal tea for coffee every so often. Echinacea and chamomile are recommended.


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