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New Arabesque Collection from Laura Mercier: Shine Through the Winter Gloom

Just in time to combat the dreary weather the East Coast has been facing for what seems like forever, Laura Mercier counters (virtual counters, too) have some lovely colors to improve the gloomy mood. And if you live somewhere the weather is nice, please don't rub it in.

Regardless, the Arabesque collection from Laura Mercier will cheer up even the most dour. With sheer, glistening color, creamy cheek colors and lovely lips, it's easy to forget the winter doldrums!

This collection includes the Limited Edition Free Spirit Eye Palette, an eye pencil in Stone Grey, a Creme Smooth lip color in Arabesque and a Nail Lacquer in En Pointe. Plus, two cheek colors (that I love!) got updated packaging. I got the chance to check out a few of the items, so take a look!

The star of the collection is the Free Spirit Eye Palette. These shadows are not quite like the ones I adored in the Art Deco Muse collection, but rather more like some of the holiday palettes. Instead of being soft and creamy, they seem to be a slightly drier version of a baked shadow.

Before you stop reading, you have to understand these shadows. They definitely give off a color, but they impart more sheen and a tiny bit of sparkle that similar shadows don't. 

These shadows are really long-wearing and blendable. You can use them wet or dry. If dry, you'll get a some color and a lot of sheen. If applied wet, they are much more pigmented and seriously shiny. I can't stop playing with this palette! The Free Spirit palette also comes with a brush that is perfect for applying the shadow and lining the eyes.

(Praline and Oleander)

I also got a chance to check out the updated Creme Cheek Colours in Praline and Oleander. While I am not usually a pink girl, I love using these two shades together to create a contour and pop of color on the cheek. They are so pretty alone or together!

I can't stop wearing this collection. Here are a few of my favorites.

Here I am wearing Oleander and Praline together. Praline is in my cheek hollow and Oleander on the apples of my cheeks.

Picking up or passing? Laura Mercier has quite a few swoon-worthy items coming soon, so pace yourself! It's hard to make a choice, but the Free Spirit Palette is a sweet addition to your arsenal!

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